Office Orders

There are 30 MSME-DIs and 28 Branch MSME-DIs set up in state capitals and other industrial cities all over the country. The main activities of these institutions are as follows:-

  1. Assistance/Consultancy to Prospective Entrepreneurs

  2. Assistance/Consultancy rendered to existing units

  3. Preparation of State Industrial Profiles

  4. Preparation/Updation of District Industrial Potential Surveys

  5. Project Profiles

  6. Entrepreneurship Development Programmes

  7. Motivational Campaigns

  8. Production Index

  9. Management Development Programmes

  10. Skill Development Programmes

  11. Energy Conservation

  12. Pollution Control

  13. Quality Control & Upgradation

  14. Export Promotion

  15. Ancillary Development

  16. Common Facility Workshop/Lab

  17. Preparation of Directory of Specific Industry

  18. Intensive Technical Assistance

  19. Coordination with DICs

  20. Linkage with State Govt. Functionaries

  21. Market Surveys

  22. Other Action Plan Activities assigned by Headquarters

DC-MSME Directory