Design Scheme (Sanction Order)

Design Scheme (Sanction Order)
S No Subject Date Details
1 Design & IPR combined sanction order (subject: Sanction of payment of Rs. 9,89,79,815/- to CTTC, Bhubaneshwar (as CNA) as balance payment i.r.o. Rs. 1.00 token amt. earlier released towards implementation of Design & IPR activities under MSME Innovative Scheme for FY 2023-24 against the six nos. of sanction order issued under IPR & Design to CTTC-Bhubaneswar during 2023-24 – reg. 29/03/2024 Open Details
2 Sanction of Rs.1,92,12,600/-/- (Rupees One crore Ninety two Lakh Twelve thousand and six hundred only) as 1st lnstallment of 40% as Grant in Aid general to CTTC Bubaneshwar as CNA for release to various lAs for 23 Desing/Student Project approved in 6th PMAC meeting held on 7.12.2023 including their implementation charges(@15%) under Design component of MSME lnnovative scheme during FY 2023'24- reg' 29/01/2024 Open Details
3 Sanction of payment of token amount of Rs, 1,00 to be credited to CNA-CTTC- Bhubaneswar towards conducting 49 Awareness Programme of Design component of MSME Innovative Scheme for an amount of Rs. 34,30,000/- for FY 2023-24 from the unspent balance - reg. 10/10/2023 Open Details
4 Sanction of payment of Rs, 2,46,67,518/- to Central Tool Room (CTR), Ludhiana (as CNA of RAMP scheme) towards implementation of Design Component of MSME Innovative Scheme for FY 2022-23 for 24 Design projects approved in the 3rd of PMAC held on 27.9.2022:reg. 05/01/2023 Open Details
5 Sanction of Rs.1,13,90,000/. (one crore Thirteen lakh and Ninety thousand only) as GlA-General to Central Tool Room & Training Centre (CTTC) . Bhubneshwar for release to various iinplementing Agency (IA) to conduct - Awareness Programme & National leVel workshops under Design - a sub component of MSME lnnovative scheme during the FY 2022-23' reg' 02/08/2022 Open Details