Design Scheme

Key Benefits

• To facilitate MSMEs to develop new Design strategies and or design related products through design interventions and consultancy. Financial assistance to the MSMEs for engagement of design consultants for design intervention (GoI contribution @ 75% for micro, 60% for SMEs for the project range up to Rs. 40 lakh).
• The Design Scheme shall support design work by reimbursing 75% of expenses incurred up to Rs. 1.5 lakh for final year student project done for MSMEs .

Scheme applicable for

Manufacturing MSMEs

How to apply

MSMEs can submit their proposal to Implementing Agency (IA) as per scheme guideline.
The scheme guideline is available at
Contact: Sh Vinamra Mishra,Director
Ph.: 23061756


To bring Indian manufacturing sector and Design expertise/ Design fraternity on to a common platform and to provide expert advice and cost effective solution on real time design problems, resulting in new product development, continuous improvement and value addition for existing products including new products

Design Scheme
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