Counselling & Information provided to the Prospective Entrepreneurs:

1. How to set up a MSME unit and assisting through proper guidance.

2. Schemes and programmes implemented by the office of DC (MSME).

3. Small industry policies and schemes of various State Governments.

4. Information on the registration scheme and the registration forms.

5. Information on the IDR Act and the Notifications on definition, etc. issued under the IDR Act.

6. Credit policies of the Government.

7. Schemes of important organisations such as NSIC and SIDBI.

8. Guidelines and other information relating to PMRY.

9. Access to project profiles.

10. Access to list of items reserved for exclusive purchase from small scale industries sector by Government Departments.

11. Access to statistics related to small scale industries.

12. Technical and marketing data, if available, relating to small scale industries.

13. List of Items reserved for exclusive manufacture in MSME sector.

Information and Facilitation Counter is located at Headquarters-Ground Floor near Gate No.4, Nirman Bhawan, New Delhi-110011. Visitors can visit the Counter or make enquiries over telephone on all working days at Telephone No. 011-23019219.

Unpriced publications are also available for distribution at the Counter. Similarly, the various IFCs located in SISIs all over the country can be contacted for information by general public.