Revised Guidelines for Financial Assistance to Small and Micro manufacturing enterprises for adoption of Bar Coding. (w.e.f. lst January 2003)

    Annexure I
    Annexure II
    Annexure IIIA
    Annexure IV
    Form VI



I__________________________________ S/O ______________________________

Managing Director/Director/Proprietor/Partner, * M/s. _________________________

___________________________ with their Regd. Office at ____________________

& Factory located at ___________________________________________________

with permanent samll/micro Enterprise Registration No.________________ dt. _______________

Do hereby solemnly affirm and declare as under:

  1. The company has been a samll/micro Enterprise unit as per the Govt. Of India definition; and has been functional & in production at the time of GS1/UPC registration and as on date.

  2. The company continue to be a samll/micro Enterprise unit; and functional & in production as on date.

  3. As per books of accounts, the total investment (original purchase value) in plant and
    machinery in the Company as on _________________________________________
    is Rs. ________________ (Chartered Accountant's Certificate dated ____________
    to this effect is attached)

Signed on this day of ________________________ dt. _____________________



Verified that the contents of the affidavit are true to the best of my knowledge and belief.




Note:- *Strike out whichever is not applicable.

**On a stamp paper (of Rs. 5/- min) duly attested by Notary Public (duly affixed with Notarial Stamp; and with Notary Seal; and Notary Registration number).



Certificate from Chartered Accountant about investment in Plant & Machinery.
(On C. A. Letter Head)


Verified from the Books of Accounts of M/s. ________________________________

with their Regd. Office at___________________________ and Permanent samll/micro

Enterprise Registration No.____________________ dt._____________ that the total

Investment in plant and machinery (original purchase value) of the company as on date________

stand as Rs.___________(Rupees______________________________).

Name & Signature of the
Chartered Accountant with stamp and
Membership number.




ANNEXURE-III A ( for One Time Registration Fees )


Received, with thanks a sum of Rs.* ________________________________((Rupees

________________________________only) from the Development Commissioner

(MSME) towards the reimbursement of 75% of the one time registration fees incurred

for allocation of GS1 Company prefix for adoption of bar-coding, by GS1 India

(under the Ministry of Commerce).

Revenue Stamp


Proprietor/Partner/Managing Director
(Stamp of the SSI unit)

Note: - The above to be submitted on Letter Head, in triplicate.



To be submitted by the Applicant on a Non-judicial Stamp Paper of Rs. 50/-- (Min) in Delhi/amount-as applicable in the respective State duly sworn before a Notary Public (duly affixed with Notarial Stamp, and with Notary Seal & Notary Registration number) or First Class Magistrate.


I_____________________________________S/o ____________________________

Managing Director/Director/Proprietor/Partner,* M/s.___________________________

with their Regd. Office at __________________ & Factory located at _____________

with permanent small/micro Enterprise Registration No. _________________ dt. _______________

Do hereby solemnly affirm and declare as under:

 (a) (i) That the aforesaid Company/ Firm/ Establishment (s) have not availed reimbursement/subsidy/grant for obtaining GS1/UPC registration under any scheme operated by Central Government (including 0/ c DC (MSME), M/o Micro-Small and Medium Enterprise) /State Government/Financial Institutions etc.


 (a) (ii) That the aforesaid Company/ Firm/ Establishment (s) have claimed and received reimbursement/subsidy/grant for obtaining GS1/UPC registration amounting to Rs. _______________________________________ (Rupees _________________________ From __________________________ (Name of the Central Government/State Government Department/Financial Institutions vide draft/cheque No. _______________ Date _______________ of Name of the Bank).

 (b) (i) That the aforesaid Company/ Firm/ Establishment(s) have already applied to ____________ Name of the -Central Govt. (other than 0/o DC (MSME)/ State Govt./ Financial institution -vide application dated ___________________ for reimbursement/subsidy/grant/incentive for obtaining GS1/UPC registration.


 (b) (ii) That the aforesaid Company/ Firm/ Establishment (s) have not already applied to any Central Govt./ State Govt./ Financial Institution (except O/o DC (MSME), M/o MSME), for reimbursement/subsidy/grant for obtaining GS1/UPC registration.

 (c) That after availing reimbursement for obtaining GS1/UPC registration from Office of DC (MSME), Ministry of MSME, in respect of the said Company/Firm/ Establishment(s), 1 shall disclose this fact of the said Company/Firm/ Establishment(s) at the time of claiming/reimbursement/subsidy/grant/incentive, if any, under any other similar scheme run by Central Government/State Government Department/ Financial Institution etc.

 (d) I hereby solemnly affirm that the information given above is correct. In case above declaration is found wrong or incorrect or misleading, 1 do hereby bind myself & my unit and undertake to pay to the Government on demand the full amount received as reimbursement in respect of above mentioned activity, within seven days of the demand being made to me in writing.

Partner/Proprietor/Managing Director/Director In the presence of


(Names and Addresses of the witnesses above also to be indicated along with signatures).

Note:- The factual status as on date under the respective paras at (a); (b) & (c) above must be clearly indicated.





  1. Name and address of the unit, telephone/fax No. and e-mail.
    (Reg. Office & Factory Location (S)).

  2. Name & designation of proprietor/owner of the Small/Micro Enterprise.

  3. Details of Permanent Small/Micro Enterprise Registration No; date of issue by Directorate of Industries/GM, DIC of the State concerned.
    (Enclose a copy of each page of permanent SSI registration duly attested by General Manager, District Industries Centre (DIC) or State Directorate of Industries/Director MSME-DI/Chartered Accountant).

  4. Proof of MSME status of the unit whether Small/Micro Enterprise as well as functional status of the unit at the time of GS1/UPC registration and the date of application.

    The following document (s) to be submitted. A certificate (in original) from G.M., DIC/DI confirming Small/Micro Enterprise status on date of application

    An affidavit (in original) from Managing Director/Proprietor/Partner of the SSI/Tiny unit duly sworn before a Notary Public confirming Small/Micro Enterprise and functional status of the unit at time of obtaining GS1/UPC registration; and as on date of application
    (as per Annexure-I),

    accompanied by Chartered Accountant Certificate of the total investment in Plant & Machinery on the date of application (original purchase value)
    (As per Annexure -II)

  5. GS1/UPC registration number & date of issue by GS1 India under Ministry of Commerce. (enclose a copy of GS1/UPC registration certificate duly attested)

  6. Total Amount paid by the unit to GS1 (under Ministry of Commerce) for allocation of unique GS1/UPC registration number (enclose a copy of fee receipt).

  7. Amount claimed for reimbursement. (Pre receipted bill, in triplicate, as per Annexure- III A).

  8. Details of reimbursement/grant/subsidy already received from Central/State Government/Financial Institutions for obtaining GS1/UPC registration Number. Furnish an undertaking/ declaration (in original) from the Managing Director/ Director/ Proprietor /Partner of the Small/Micro Enterprise units duly Notarised. (as per the format Annexure-IV).


I declare that the particulars given in the above statement are correct. I also undertake that any financial assistance granted to me/my unit on the basis of this declaration shall be liable to be refunded to the Government if at any time any information furnished in this application is found to be wrong or incorrect or misleading and I do hereby bind myself and my unit to pay the Government on demand a sum equal to the amount claimed as financial assistance in respect of above mentioned activity, within seven days of the demand being made to me in Writing.







Note:- The incomplete application is liable to be rejected without any further correspondence.