Quality Upgradation/Environment management for small scale sector through incentive for ISO 9000 /ISO 14001 /HACCP Certifications

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ISO 9000 / ISO 14001

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The Small Scale Sector has emerged as dynamic and vibrant sector of Indian Economy and it has been making significant contribution to industrial production, export and employment generation. The process of economic liberalization and market reforms has opened up the Indian small scale sector to the global competition. In order to enhance the competitive strength of the small scale sector, the Government introduced an incentive scheme for their technological upgradation/quality improvement and environment management. The scheme provides incentive to those small scale/ ancillary undertaking who have acquired ISO 9000/ISO 14001/HACCP certifications. The scheme for ISO 9000 reimbursement in operation since March, 1994 has now been enlarged so as to include reimbursement of expenses for acquiring ISO 14001 certification also vide this Office Administrative Order No.41(8)/ISO/Electx./2002 dt. 28th October, 2002. Upto 31st march 2014, 25652 Micro & Small units have been benefited from the scheme.

The Salient features of the Scheme

  1. The Scheme envisages reimbursement of charges of acquiring ISO-9000/ISO-14001/HACCP certifications to the extent of 75% of the expenditure subject to a maximum of Rs. 75,000/- in each case.

  2. The Permanent Registered Micro Small Enterprises (MSEs) units are eligible to avail the Incentive Scheme.

  3. The Scheme is applicable to those MSEs/ancillary/Tiny/SSSBE units who have already acquired ISO-9000/ISO-14001/HACCP certification.

  4. It is an all India Scheme administered by Development Commissioner (MSME), Ministry of SSI, Govt. of India. With effect from 30.8.2006 procedure of the Screening Committee to decide the reimbursement has been discontinued and the Screening Committee has been dismantled to reduce delay in the sanctioning of reimbursement to the applicants.

  5. The Scheme shall provide one time reimbursement only against a Entreperneurship Memorandum Number. The amount of incentive/subsidy/grant already availed for acquiring ISO 9000 or ISO 14001/HACCP Certification under any Central Govt. (including DC(MSME) Incentive Scheme)/State Govt. /Financial Institution shall be adjusted against the entitlement of reimbursement.

    It means the total entitlement of reimbursement of acquiring one or more than on certifications shall be up to the maximum limit of Rs. 75,000/- only. In case a unit has received reimbursement/subsidy/grant from Central Govt./State Govt./Financial Institution against any one of the certifications for an amount less than maximum limit of Rs. 75,000/-, the unit shall be eligible to receive the balance amount only.

  6.  (a) Only one time reimbursement is allowed against a E.M.Number for acquiring ISO-9000/ISO-14001/HACCP certification; irrespective of the fact whether the concerned SSI has one or more than one Unit(s) within the same premises/location or outside .

     (b) In case an ISO-9000/ISO-14001/HACCP certificate is obtained jointly by MSEs units (even having a separate Permanent E.M.Number) under the corporate/group of Industries category, the total reimbursement shall be limited to 75% of the total expenditure incurred by the concerned units or Rs. 75,000/- whichever is less; and each SSI unit shall get the amount on pro-rata basis.

Guidelines for filling Application Format

The Formats of the Application & the required documents together with "Check list" are enclosed. Small & Micro units with EM No. are required to submit their Applicaton duly completed (with enclosures) to their local Director, MSME-DI addresses given in following websites :





  1. Application should be submitted complete in all respects alongwith the required documents securely tagged & numbered, failing which the application will not be considered.
  2. For any further guidance/details, the enquiries may be sent to

    Shri S.R.Samuel
    Joint Development Commissioner
    (Tel): 23061726
    (Fax) 23061430
    O/o DC(MSME) Nirman Bhawan
    New Delhi - 110108
    Application for the Reimbursement of Certification Charges for acquiring ISO-9000 & ISO 14001 Certification