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The portal MSME-DO Online is the web initiative of the project SENET, being implemented at MSME-DO, Ministry of Small Scale Industries, Government of India. The Small Industries Development Organisation (MSME-DO) is an apex body for formulating policies for the development of small scale industries in the country.

The portal brings together diverse SME-related groups, entrepreneurs (existing and potential), associations, buyers, sellers, technocrats, Training Cells, technology developers and Academia. Designed as a Knowledge portal, provides Value Added Information to Indian SMEs and acts as a valuable resource to the desired target user groups.

The portal is hosted at two URL’s - and

About the Portal

The portal is designed as a single stop source to inform and educate users in respect of the SSI sector. It identifies as its clientele potential and existing entrepreneurs, associations, researchers and students. The portal offers a number of hyper links to other useful sites on SSIs / SMEs. It is also the interface to the web based SENET applications as well as tracking of ISO 9000 reimbursement applications and submission of online indents for training courses.

The Office Automation applications provide for better services to MSME-DO staff all over the country. It is anticipated that this portal will fulfill the long-standing requirements of this sector for reliable and authentic information in respect of Government policies and programmes.

The portal is designed to have a professional and decent look and is user friendly. This is managed with the help of professional consultants

The portal puts on the web a phenomenal interactive area for the growth and development of the Indian entrepreneur.

The portal has updated user friendly project profiles, industrial cluster study reports, policies, incentives and schemes offered by Central and State Governments, details from global emerging trends, financial, legal and technical aspects in respect of SSI Sector, circulars, forms, publications and database driven interactive sections. All the information is available to the registered users free of cost.

The Publication section contains valuable resources like the Committee reports, RBI circulars, Trade Reports and Books and Periodicals released by the Ministry from time ti time on Indian SSI sector.

An interactive map allows user to search the locations and the concerned persons in the organizational network of MSME-DO and the associated autonomous bodies.

Simple and plain English language is used. It also has certain pages in Hindi, the first step to make the portal Bi-lingual. Universally accepted icons are used and properly linked to the concerned websites/ pages.

Being a knowledge based, interactive portal it is udated on day today basis. Users are bound to return in search for authenticated information.

The registered users management is database driven. All the major events, newsletters, notifications and feedback are centrally managed. Chat programmes are being held from time to time and message board is open for discussions.

There are two sub-portals on clusters and hand tools at and

These sub-portals have over 2500 pages of Value Added Information on clusters and hand tools industry in India.


The concept of SENET was initiated in 1997 with an idea to build up information data bank to help entrepreneurs in SSI Sector. The access to technology related information was difficult during those times wherein availability of Internet connectivity and bandwidth was a costly affair. 58 field offices of this organization had data on process and technologies including the source relating to setting up of small enterprises, built over the working experience of 45 years in the field, but the data retrieval and updation was a bottleneck, mainly due to lack of man-power and electronic data processing infrastructure. Prospective entrepreneurs had to physically move to the field offices and interact with the available officers to get the information desired. If information was not available there, it was difficult to get it from other offices using conventional and lengthy procedures.

It was therefore decided to set up a database containing all these data available, in electronic form and web enable the same for easy dissemination amongst information seekers. Initially IT infrastructure was set up in 20 field offices & officers were trained in basic IT operations. 10 more offices were added subsequently in 2002. The digitization of data started at field level. Simultaneously design of the main center for central database was being done under a project named SENET.

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"SENET bags the Golden Icon Award at the 8th e-Governance Conference on 3rd February, 2005 at Bhubaneshwar, as the Best Documented Knowledge Resource in the Professional Category"


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