Labour Laws

G.O. Ms.No.33 Dt.5-7-99

Amendment notified vide Andhra Pradesh Gazette No.30

Amendment to labor Enactments

Amendment to the provisions of State Act shall apply to every industrial establishment where in 50 or more workmen are employed on any day of the preceding Twelve months.

G.O Ms.No.34 Dt.5-7-1999

Factories Act, 1948

Exempting establishments engaged in manufacturing processes from the rules 4, 5, & 6 under the Factories Act 1948

G.O Ms.No.37 Dt.3-8-1999

Exemption from rule 22,23 and 29 under Factories Act 1948 And under ANDHRA PRADESH SHOPS AND ESTABLISHMENTS ACT - for those engaged in manufacturing processes (relate to national holidays and other festivals)

G.O Ms .No.38 Dt.3-8-1999

Amendment to the ANDHRA PRADESH PAYMENT OF GRATUITY RULES 1972 and omitting rule 32 from 'U' Substitution of the words "employee nominee" in place of employees.


6-A:Manufacturing process: Nothing in rules 4,5,and 6 shall apply to a factory under the Factories Act 1948 (Central Act 63 of 1948) or an establishment in manufacturing process as designated in section 2(k) of the Factories Act,1948.

Environmental Laws

G O Ms. No. 111, M A Dt. 8-3-1996


Protection of Catchment Areas of Himayatsagar and Osmansagar Lakes - Recommendations of the Committee constituted by the HMWS & SB - Amendment to G O Ms No. 192 M.A. Dt. 31-3-1994.

  • Govt. after careful examination of the recommendations of the Committee have issued the following orders in modification of the earlier orders issued in G O Ms No. 192 :
    • To prohibit polluting industries, major hotels, residential colonies or other establishments that generate pollution in the catchment of the lakes upto 10 Kms from full tank level of the lakes (as per list in Annexure I). However, residential developments in residential use zone may be permitted. The following measures shall be taken to protect water flowing into the lakes.
    • 60% of the total area shall be kept as open space and roads in all lay outs in the villages of Catchment area
    • The land use of about 90 % of the area is classified as recreational and conservation use in the Master Plan. HUDA should take action for the classification of this 90 % of the area as agriculture which is inclusive of horticulture and floriculture.
    • To restrict the FSI to 1:0.5 in the Catchment areas.
    • To monitor periodically the level of different pesticides, fertilizer residues carried into the lakes.
    • To prohibit polluting industires within 10 Kms radius (both on upstream and downstream side of the lakes) to prevent acidification of lakes due to air pollution.
    • There shall be total prohibition of location of industries in the prohibited zone.
    • APPCB shall make further study of the existing industries in the upstream and downstream of the lakes and take action under their Act.
  • For the protection of raw water channel from Osmansagar to Asifnagar no layout or building permission should be granted by MCH/HUDA/DTCP upto a maximum of 100 ft. from the conduit side boundary.