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G O Ms. No. 213 Dt. 30-3-1989

The Tamil Nadu Pollution Control Board enforces the following regulatory enactments of environment and pollution control :

  1. Water (Prevention & Control of Pollution) Act, 1974 as amended in 1988.
  2. Air (Prevention & Control of Pollution) Act, 1981 as amended in 1987.
  3. Water Cess Act, 1977 and
  4. Environment (Protection) Act, 1986

Guidelines for siting new industries.

  • No new industry to be cited within 1 Km. From water sources as Government has imposed a total ban on setting up of highly polluting industries within 1 Km. of water soruces mentioned in the above GO.
  • Area to be avoided in citing industries -
    • Ecologically and/or otherwise sensitive areas : atleast 25 Kms depending on the GO climatic conditions
    • Coastal areas atleast 500 Mt. From high tide limits
    • Flood Plain of the River Line Systems; atleast 500 Mt. From flood plain or modified flood plain effected by dam in the sub-stream or by flood control system.
    • Transport/communication system atleast 500 Mt. From highway and railway.
  • Ecological and/or otherwise sensitive areas include:
    • Religious and historic places.
    • Archaelogical monuments
    • Coastal species
    • Estuaries rich in Mangroves, Breeding grounds of specific species.
    • Biosphere Reserves
    • National Parks and Sanctuaries
    • Seismic zone
    • Tribal settlements
    • Defence installation,especially those of security importance and sensitive to pollution
  • Procedure for obtaining consent of the board
  • All industries are classified as Red, Orange and Green, by the GOI, Ministry of Environment & Forests on the basis of their potential for causing pollution:

    • Red - High Polluting
    • Orange - Less Polluting
    • Green Non-Polluting

    All industries have to apply for consent.

  • Renewal of consent
    • All consensus are valid till 31st March of the year.
    • Red category industries have to get the consent renewed annually
    • Orange category industries have to get the consent renewed annually till the ETP and APC measures are commissioned. Thereafter renewal will be every two years.
    • Green category industries have to get the consent renewed once in two years.
    • Application for renewal has to be made 30 days prior to the date of expiry




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    G O Ms. No. 213 Dt. 30-3-1989