State Government Notification: Single Window Scheme
(March 2001)

To promote industrial development several steps had been taken in the State. These include simplification of rules and procedures at the State and District Levels, Clearances, etc.

  • Functions of DIC:
    • Updating Data Bank
    • Credit: Sources to be identified and information to be passed on to the entrepreneurs
    • Licensing, giving clearances etc. Registration should be done as quickly as possible.
    • To co ordinate all facilities, programs, institutions that are established for SSIs with the units.
  • The following fall within the purview of Single Window Scheme.
    • Rajasthan Industrial Development Corporation.
    • Rajasthan State Electricity Board.(RSEB)
    • Environment Board.
    • Rajasthan State Pollution Control Board.(RSPCB)
    • Factories and Boilers Division.
  • Board of Infra structure and Investment Promotion has been formed under Chairmen Ship of the Chief Minister of Rajasthan.(with effect from 26/10/1999.)