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Communication from Directorate of Industries & Mines, Govt. of Goa

No1/2/94/Misc/DIM/ Vol. X/2338
Dt. 6/7/2000

State Government


To avail the wide range of facilities, concessions and incentives, SSI units are required to be registered with the Directorate of Industries

Important incentives being provided are:

  • Tax holiday up to 31-3-2000

  • Land and developed plots in industrial estates on easy terms through Industrial Development Corporation

  • Necessary infrastructure at developed sites such as power, water, telecommunication, etc.

  • Capital Investment Subsidy of 25% to SSI units with investment upto Rs. 60 lakhs

  • Price Preference at the rate of 15% on purchases made by Govt. Departments from SSI units registered with Directorate of Industries & Mines and NSIC

  • EDC selective basis equity support (subsidy to the extent of 50%) for projects set up in Goa

  • Sales Tax exemption on the sale of finished products for a period of 10 years for SSI units holding permanent registration

  • Income tax benefit up to the year 2002 for permanently registered SSI units employing 10 or more workers in manufacturing process with the aid of power or employing 20 or more workers in manufacturing process without the aid of power

  • Purchases from SSIs by Goa Handicrafts Rural & SSI Development Corporation on rate contract basis

  • All import/export facilities under the Government's new import/export Policy for backward areas are applicable to the investments made in the State

Registration of Industries:

  • First step for any entrepreneur wishing to set up an industry is to obtain a registration from the General Manager (DIC), Directorate of Industries & Mines, Udyog Bhavan, Panaji, Goa

  • Provisional Registration is granted to units not in production, within 24 hours, on application made in the prescribed format.

  • Provisional Registration Certificate (PRC) is valid for a fixed period of 5 years from the date of its issue

  • Provisional Registration is converted into Permanent Registration after the machinery is installed, power connection is obtained and registration authority is satisfied that the unit has all the necessary clearances from the concerned authorities (as per the Check List)

  • Check List to be complied with by the entrepreneur while applying for Permanent Registration:

    • Consent order from Goa State PollutionControl Board (GSPCB)

    • Documentary evidence in respect of premises either rented or on ownership

    • If the unit is located in the Industrial Estate, a copy of the allotment Order from GIDC

    • Licenses from Authorities for specified products (such as DFDA for Drugs & Pharmaceuticals and cosmetic products, etc.)

    • NOCs from Authorities such as Conservator of Forests for Cane and Wood-based products, etc.

    • Common ownership Declaration

    • Bills regarding purchase of machinery

    • Electricity bill/receipt in the name of the unit

    • First sale bill in proof of unit having gone into production

    • Raw material bill

    • Details as required by the Human Resources Development Foundation (HRDF) in the given Format.




  • Communication from Directorate of Industries & Mines, Govt. of Goa

  • No. 1/2/94/Misc/DIM/ Vol. X/2338Dt. 6/7/2000