Notification No: LGL 86/83/62 dated 7th April, 1984

The Assam State Industrial Relief Undertaking (Special Provisions) Act, 1984 (Assam Act No. VII of 1984)

Received the Assent of the President on 7th April 1984

Under this Act, industrial units which have become sick may be declared as a relief undertaking for a total period of 10 years.


  • To enable the State Government to make special provisions for a limited period in respect of industrial relations, financial obligations and other like matters in relation to industrial undertakings the running of which is considered essential as a measure of prevention or of providing relief against unemployment

  • The State Government may, if it is satisfied that it is necessary or expedient so to do, direct, by notification, that the operation of all or any of the contracts, assurances of property agreements, settlements, awards, standing orders or other instruments in force immediately before the date on which the State industrial undertaking is declared to be a relief undertaking, shall remain suspended or shall be enforceable with such modifications and ins such manner as may be specified in such notification.

  • The State Government may, subject to the condition of previous publication, make rules to carry out the provisions of this Act. Such Rules may provide for all or any of the following matters:

    • rates of wages payable to the workmen and their workloads and the salary payable to the staff, the payment of bonus, gratuity, compensation and other benefits;

    • the manner in which the relief undertaking should be run;

    • the strength of staff and labour to be employed for running the relief undertaking economically

    • the manner in which the net profits or net losses or surplus funds should be appropriated or disposed of;

    • the percentage of profits to be utilised for the benefit of persons employed in the undertaking and the manner of its utilisation;

    • the manner in which and the extent to which the representatives of the workmen may be associated with or may participate in the management of the relief undertaking.

    • The Assam State Industrial Relief Undertaking (Special Provisions) Ordinance, 1983 (Assam Ordinance No. VI of 1983) is hereby repealed.

The Assam Preferential Stores Purchase Act, 1989 (to replace the Assam Preferential Stores Purchase Rules, 1972)

This enactment is aimed to encourage growth of industries in the State and to implement the Industrial Policy announced and published by the Govt. of Assam vide Notification No. CL 586/85 dated 24th December, 1986


  • to encourage small scale and cottage industries by preferential purchase of their products

  • to rationalize the procedure for purchase of stores required by the State Government, companies and undertakings.

The Act lays down the following :

  • Definitions

  • Constitution of the State Board

  • Terms of the Board

  • Power and Functions

  • Eligibility: To be registered under this Act and be eligible for the incentive under this Act, a unit in the small scale sector has to have 100 per cent employment of local people

  • The location of administrative /registered controlling officers shall be within the State of Assam

  • The unit should be in regular production having requisite machinery


  • Small Industries, Khadi and Cottage industries registered under this Act shall be exempted from payment of earnest money and security deposit for items in respect of which the units are registered.

  • Items of stores mentioned in Schedule II be known as "Reserved Items", shall be purchased by all requiring authorities from registered industries

  • The State Govt. shall from time to time publish a list of stores which shall be purchased by requiring authorities only from industrial units having valid Store Purchase Registration and in accordance with the policy laid down by the State Board.

  • In respect of items of stores other than those mentioned in Schedule II or covered by the Act, price preference shall be given to registered industries (or their authorised agents and dealers) upto 10 per cent in case of Small Industries and 5 per cent in case of other industries of Assam.