List of Web Links

Web is an ever-increasing source of information search. Yet It is often difficult to search for the information on a specific subject, as one gets lost in the World Wide Web.

We have compiled the following links related to Small Scale Industry in India and few overseas, which might be useful to all looking for information on SME sector.

Watch out for the updates in this section, to the growing list of SME in India and abroad!

Ministry & O/o DC(MSME) Network

MSME-DI Agartala




MSME-DI Ahmedabad  

MSME-DI Allahabad


MSME-DI Banglore  

MSME-DI Chennai  

MSME-DI Cuttak  

MSME-DI Gangtok  


MSME-DI Guwahati  

MSME-DI Haldwani  

MSME-DI Hubli  

MSME-DI Hyderabad    

MSME-DI Imphal  

MSME-DI Indore  

MSME-DI Jaipur  

MSME-DI Jammu  

MSME-DI Kanpur  

MSME-DI Karnal  

MSME-DI Kolkata  

MSME-DI Ludhiana  

MSME-DI Mumbai  

MSME-DI Muzaffarpur  

MSME-DI Nagpur  

MSME-DI New Delhi  

MSME-DI Patna 


MSME-DI Raipur  

MSME-DI Ranchi  

MSME-DI Solan  

MSME-DI Thrissur