1. Application for Casual/Restricted Holiday Leave
  2. Application for Earned Leave or Extension of Earned Leave (English)
  3. Earned Leave Joining Report (English)

Cash & Accounts

  1. Form for Final Payment in the CPF/GPF Account
  2. Form for GPF Conversion into Final Withdrawl
  3. Application Form for GPF withdrawal/Advance
  4. Application Form for GPF final payment (After Retirement)
  5. Application Form for Conversion of GPF Advance into a final withdrawal
  6. Application for Advance from GPF Fund / CPF Fund
  7. Reimbursement of Tuition Fee
  8. New Reimbursement of Tuition Fee 2018
  9. GPF Nomination Form
  10. Travelling Allowance Bill for Tour

Establishment (Miscellaneous)

  1. Requisition for Staff Car for official use
  2. Details of Family
  3. Application Form For Addition / Deletion of name
  4. Statement of Immovable Property
  5. No Objection Certificate for Applying Passport
  6. Un dertaking for family Planning Allowances
  7. Declaration of family Dependent
  8. Declaration of family Details
  9. Joint Declaration Form
  10. Declaration of Nomination for CGEGIS (without Family)
  11. Declaration of Nomination for CGEGIS (with Family)
  12. NOC for Higher Studies
  13. Form for the Declaration of Immovable Property under Rule 18(2)
  14. CGEGIS G.A.R.44 Form
  15. Children Education Allowance Form (Based on 6th CPC)
  16. LTC Leave Encashment Form (Based on 6th CPC)
  17. Permission for Foreign Travel (Private Visit)
  18. Leave Encashment Form
  19. Format for Captioning/Numbering the files-reg.

Medical & CGHS

  1. Form for Granting Permission lab investigation/treatment/exten of treatment at CGHS Recog. Hospital
  2. Form for claiming refund of medical exoenses with Medical AMA or Govt.servant with families for treatment from authorised Medical AMA
  3. Form for New CGHS Plastic Card
  4. Form for Change of CGHS Dispensary
  5. CGHS Members Addition/Deletion Form
  6. Medical Claim
  7. Checklist for Reimbursement of Medical Claims
  8. For Reimbursement of Medical Claims of CGHS Beneficiaries(Old Form)Appli. before 20.Feb.2009
  9. For Reimbursement of Medical Claims of CGHS Beneficiaries (New Form) Appli. after 20.Feb.2009
  10. Essential Certificate A (Form Med. 103) – Not Admitted to Hospital)
  11. Essential Certificate A (Form Med. 103) – Admitted to Hospital)

Car/Scooter/Cycle/Festival Advance 

  1. Application for Festival Advance
  2. Application for Car/Scooter Advance
  3. Form of Mortgage Bond for Motor Vehicle/Personal Computer- Initial Advance
  4. Form of Agreement to be executed before taking advance for the purchase of Motor Vehicle/Personal Computer

Leave Travel Concession

  1. Application for grant of L.T.C. Advance
  2. LTC Claim
  3. Application for Change of Declared Home Town
  4. Home Town Declaration

Deputation Abroad/Higher Studies 

  1. Application for seeking prior permission of the Central Government to accept Foreign Hospitality
  2. Application for obtaining No Objection for Higher Studies
  3. Check List for Registration of Part-Time Ph. D. Programme
  4. Performa for Approval of Deputation Abroad
  5. Undertaking for visit to foreign country

House Building Advance Related 

  1. Draft of Letter to be written to the Head of the Department by the Loanee Central Govt. Employee
  2. Form of Agreement to the executed at the time of drawing an advance for purchase of plot of land and building a house, enlargement of existing house and purchase of a ready-built house, where the title is absolute.
  3. Form of Reconveyance for House Building Advance
  4. Grant of Advance for Purchase of Land or Part / Full construction, enlargement, etc., of a house
  5. Form for giving prior intimation or seeking previous sanction under Rule 18(2) in respect of immovable property (other than for building of or additions and alterations to a house)
  6. Surety Bond  
  7. Form of Mortgage Deed to be executed when the Property is Freehold and is held in the Joint Names of Husband and Wife
  8. Form of Mortgage Deed to be executed when the Property is Leasehold
  9. Form of Tripartite Agreement from Private Builders,Authority, Board etc under SFS
  10. Form of Tripartite Agreement Purchase from CGEWHO under SFS
  11. Form for Grant of Advance for Purchase of Land or Part/Full Contribution,Enlargement of House
  12. Form for Second Mortgage
  13. Form for Reconveyance for House Building Advance(Form No:7)
  14. Agreeement for for purchase of Land and Building of House/Enlargement of existing Home and Purchase of Readybuild Flats(Form No:5)
  15. Form for giving Prior information or Seeking previous sanction under Rule 18(2)for Immovable Property

Retirement Related 

  1. Particulars to be obtained by the Head of Office from the Retiring Government Servant Eight Months before the Date of his/her Retirement
  2. Application for obtaining Pensioner’s Identity Card
  3. Final Payment of GPF on Death
  4. Nomination for Death Cum Retirement Gratuity

Secirity Related 

  1. MHA Photo Identity Card Application Form