8th eGovernance Conference  


Promotional Project Concept/ Strategy - Multimedia documentation Business direction and articulated strategy, project environment, management structure, institutional mechanisms, resources deployed to generate outcomes/ performance, collaboration arrangements, partnership models and participation to ensure its long term viability and so on.

Project Design Documentation -Client/ customer focus, target group linkages and delivery capability, responsiveness to the needs of the stakeholders, Proactive means of quality assurance in service delivery.

Detailed Project Implementation Plan -Operation and management practices for augmenting internal efficiencies, effective systems to support reduction of delays, mitigating risks, alerts for process deviation, financial management methods

Evaluation, Assessment/ Audit Reports Evaluations/ assessment if any of the beneficial outcomes and impact, potential for augmenting income generating capacity, enhanced efficiencies, quality of service, convenience etc.

Standard Operation Procedures/ Standards Compliance - Guidelines, Manuals, Data/ Information standards, Process models, Security architectures, Deployment strategies, Data migration, Benchmarking and standardization efforts, quality assurance etc.