Marketing is key to the success of any enterprise and it is more relevant in regard to Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs). This sector is characterized by absence of strong brand presence in the market and also largely unorganized marketing network unlike large enterprises. Due to resource limitations, the access to foreign market is not commensurate to their potentials.

This Office is implementing various schemes, which aim to provide a better competitive edge to the product of MSME sector in the market. The objectives of the Marketing Assistance can be summarized mainly as hereunder:

(i) To encourage Small & Micro exporters in their efforts at tapping and developing overseas markets.

(ii) To increase participation of representatives of small/micro manufacturing enterprises under MSME India stall at International Trade Fairs/Exhibitions.

(iii) To enhance export from the small/micro manufacturing enterprises.

(iv) To popularize the adoption of Bar Coding on a large scale.