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Ministry of Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises


Eco Friendly & Import Substitute Technologies From CSIR Labs For Putting Up Units By MSMEs

Sl. No. Technologies Click to View Writeup
1. Anaerobic Gas lift Reactor (AGR): A High rate biomethanation technology to treat organic solid waste for the generation of biogas and bio manure View
2. Recycling of Waste Plastic in Designing Tiles View
3. Paving Blocks from Fly Ash , Blast Furnace Slag, Steel Slag, and other industrial wastes View
4. Lead Free X-ray Shielding Tiles (CSIR AMPRI) View
5. Ginger Processing Technology View
6. Double fortified salt technology(DFS) for fortification of salt with iron and iodine View
7. Manufacture of Zeolite-A (Detergent Builder) from bauxite or bauxite leachate (Bayer liquor) View
8. Waterless Chrome Tanning Technology View
9. Pheromone Application for Sustainable Agriculture and Establishment of Pheromone Lure Making Centre View
10. Ultrapure Medical Grade Water View